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Batman’s San Francisco Treat: Fleeing the Waves and Learning to Love Bikers

We took Batman to the dog beach at Crissy Field this weekend — it was his first time seeing the ocean. We assumed that he would love the beach since water is his favorite. Nope! Batman spent most of the day approaching the waves, then running the hell away from them. Big baby.

Today, we went hiking up Mt. Tamalpais. We took the long route. It was about 11 miles round trip. I thought my legs were going to fall off. We put a backpack on Batman and let him carry the water. He did great.

I had plenty of treats on me, and I used the hike to help teach him that bikers were cool. Whenever a biker approached, I told him, “WATCH,” and made him watch me. At first I had him stay still while the bikers passed, but as I gained more confidence, I had him watch me while we walked in heel position. As soon as the biker passed us, I said, “YES!” and gave him a treat. We passed well over 100 bikers today (not kidding — Mt. Tam is a very popular trek). By the end of the hike, Batman would spot the bikers before I did and reflexively turn his head to watch me for a treat. This is exactly what I wanted to happen. Victory! 

The view from the top of Mt. Tam.

We stayed at the Kimpton Harbor Court. I’d stay there again in a second. I really like Kimpton hotels in general — accommodations are always classy, fairly priced, and they don’t charge you a pet fee. They even set up a doggie dish and bed for Batman. I used the bed for a photo op, then asked them to remove it from the room. Batman sleeps in his travel crate, and I didn’t want him eating the bed. 

The hotel lobby had a little chalkboard to welcome the pet guests. Very cute, even though Batman’s name was kinda smushed into the dog’s crotch area. 

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